Faria Futebol Academy (FFA) Personal Training includes individual, group, and team training to players of all skill levels looking to advance their game to the next level. We prioritize meeting players where they are. Through focused training and innovative skill development players will gain the knowledge and confidence to elevate their performance on the field. Part of FFA’s philosophy is to promote a creative, supportive, inclusive, and fun environment to increase a player’s talent and love for the game.

Positional Training
  • Finishing & Heading
  • 1v1 Attacking Principles
  • 1v1 Defending Principles
  • Goalkeeper Fitness
Situational Awareness
  • Heads-up Play
  • Running Off Ball
  • Checking To & From
First Touch Development
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Receiving flitted Balls
  • Turning
Footwork/Ball Mastery
  • Ball Control
  • Dribbling
  • 2-Footed
  • Skills & Moves
Striking Technique
  • Form & Technique
  • Shooting Power
  • Passing Accuracy
Individual Training: $75.00
Discounted Individual Training - 5 Sessions: $325.00
2 Player Training: $50.00 per player
Discounted 2 Player Training - 5 Sessions: $200.00 per player
Small Group Training (4-6 players): $40.00 per player
Team Training (4 session minimum): $500.00
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